school blues

sitting in school with absolutely nothing to do - but what else is new. It's come to my attention that I haven't
"blogged" in awhile & well.... no time like the present! My group mates for the next class (which is English) are practicing their lines for our zombie apocalypse skit, best friend #1 is blogging next to me and best friend #2 is filling out another college app, needless to say this day is a snoooooze.

I've got 4 months left til graduation and nothing is happening!!!! Days pass without anything really memorable happening -sigh- everyone's kind of just tired and bleh, everyone in this school needs a shot of adrenaline! I could probably use two!!

Hope I get to write about something more interesting soon! Follow me on instagram & twitter, which I promise are updated far more often than this sad little blog of mine


will write again soon! Check out v-realitybites-v.blogspot.com

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