If I were Massie Block making the state of the nation for the summer, white sneakers would most definitely be in. The normcore trend has run its course but white sneakers, I feel, will always be a staple. Since my old pair of chucks have given up on me, I've been going back and forth between these three for my next pair of sneaks.

Airmaxes definitely add height, I love that. I've always wanted to be 5'6 but fell just an inch short *sigh* *first-world problems*. They also give off that "cool girl" vibe, though I'm 100% sure that's NOT the vibe I exude as much as I'd like to convince myself and everyone else otherwise.
Superstars on the other hand are good for the signature three strips. A friend once told me that the three stripes are a staple, a basic, and a must. Seeing as they're sold out everywhere in Asia, I think it's safe to assume that people agree?
Lastly, while I loved my chucks & they definitely served me well, every ~basic~ girl seems to have them. Is it possible to be basic by association?

So between the Nike Airmax90 (Top), Superstars (L) and your good ol' reliable low cut chucks (R), which is your pick for the all time classic white sneaker? & please, if there's any reading this, help me decide?!

UPDATE: I've since been gifted black huaraches (s/o to the boyf), which more or less fits the same description as the airmaxes. I still kind of want the airmaxes, though. But also!!! Converse recently came out with the Chuck Taylor II. So, my dilemma still stands.

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