passing time

Captured above are my daily facial expressions as of late. Left, my trying-to-be-cute-and-endearing but in the end really just awkward smile. Right, my I'm-not-really-sure-hmm-let-me-see face, but sometimes I'm really just blank face, especially when asked about dividend yield, interest rates, and book value comparisons. P/E ratios though, I understand. See, I've been training at the stock market and as cool as it is and as excited as I am to start racking in 'em dollabill$ I can't help but feel like a pseudo professional. I felt like a little girl playing dress up when I put on heels and a one size too big blazer on the first day. I've since stuck to sensible flats and long-sleeved polos.

Taking on the corporate world, I'm starting to think, will never be my cup of tea. The learning is fun though and I'm happy to be exercising my brain after months of numb-nothingness. The stock market is interesting and exciting as I'm seeing that there is a science to it all but with that, also a game and a gamble with winners (gainers, to be technical) and losers (already technical, so mean). There are some cheesy life lessons to be learned in the abundance of numbers and figures. I'd tell you all about it but the market is about to close and things are about to get exciting. 

I guess there's one already. Doesn't matter how you open or how you fluctuate in between but how you finish at the day's end. When the day's end is bad, there's always a tomorrow to do better. Is that any good? 

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