gimme 5

I'm one of those people who will screenshot everything. Go through my phone and you'll find they make up most of my photo library; for outfit inspo, cute puppies, recipes to try, but mostly additions to my ever growing wish list. These are just 5 of the 213 things I want need in my life.

1. Lizzie Wallet by Clare V. -- I find that the long horizontal wallets are too heavy and take up way too much space in my bag.
2. Rihanna x Stance Frost Bite Trimmed Sheer Socks -- they serve no purpose, they definitely won't keep me warm in the coming winter, but I need these socks in my life.
3. Toro by Loq in Black Box Calf Leather -- these are last season, they're not even being sold on loq.us anymore and all the other stockists are "sold out" so maybe I'll only own these in my dreams.. I thought they still merited a spot on this list though as I've been wanting them forever.
4. Elizabeth and James Bee Fur Jacket and Sandro Amele Boots -- Kendall's style 💯
5. River Island Light Pink Premium Faux Fur Coat -- just one of those things that I know will make me feel good when I put it on. & who doesn't want to feel good right?

I know I'll probably never buy any of these as they are way (way way way) out of my college student budget but I like to entertain these thoughts. Why? 

Well, let's put it this way. Other people have celebrity crushes, I have my wish list. 

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